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Indian Journal of Anaesthesia

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Current Issue

August  2020 |
 Vol 64 | Issue 8

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Supraglottic airway devices: Placement and pharyngeal seal matters!
Supraglottic airway devices (SADs) are now an indispensable instrument in the operating room as well as in non-operative room anaesthesia practice. They have evolved greatly from Archie Brain's ...
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Adverse heart rate responses during beach-chair position for shoulder surgeries - A systematic review and meta-analysis of their incidence, interpretations and associations
Background and Aims: Evaluations of adverse heart rate (HR)-responses and HR-variations during anaesthesia in beach-chair-position (BCP) for shoulder surgeries have not been done earlier. We ...
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Original Article
Analgesic sparing effect of dexamethasone with levobupivacaine in quadratus lumborum block in patients undergoing unilateral inguinal hernia repair: A prospective randomised controlled trial
Background: Quadratus lumborum block (QLB) provides somatic and visceral analgesia to the lower thoracic and abdominal wall. The aim was to investigate the analgesic effect of dexamethasone w...
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Original Article
Influence of head and neck positions on oropharyngeal seal pressure with Baska mask® versus I-gel™; A randomised clinical study
Background and Aims: Oropharyngeal seal pressure (OSP) achieved by a supraglottic airway device holds due importance as it indicates the feasibility of positive pressure ventilation, the degr...
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Original Article
Comparison of glottic visualisation through supraglottic airway device (SAD) using bronchoscope in the ramped versus supine 'sniffing air' position: A pilot feasibility study
Background and Aims: Airway management in obese patients is associated with increased risk of difficult airway and intubation. After failed intubation, supraglottic airway-guided flexible bro...
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